About me

Well, that's a simple question with a lot to discover, isn't it?! Once you discover pieces from the BIG PICTURE/PUZZLE you realize then that is not your name, job, clothes, etc. who defines you anymore.

For those of you who don't know me I'm RALUCA JOY .... the rest is not important.

What is important to me is to share some of the things I've learned /experienced along the way. This EPIC journey is not only about me, but also about YOU finding your path and stick with it. It's about SHARING and CARING.

We are all TRAVELERS in this Universe trying to find our way back HOME.

The ENCOUNTERS we face in this journey are creating that EPIC moment in TIME.

Opening our minds to create new "REALMS " is helping us to go beyond our limitations, therefore create A NEW REALITY.We are all Creators and yes, I believe there's more to LIFE.....like a NEVER Ending Story :). Always searching/ being/ doing :)!

      Here's to all epic journeys and to YOU :) !!!