Life as an EMPATH

Life as an EMPATH

I've read many good articles on the internet about empathy and living as an empath that I can totally relate to.

Seeing people out there expressing & opening themselves up to world made me want to share my own thoughts. on this topic. 

I know each story is different , yet there are lots of similarities in them.. Living between worlds and not fully expressing yourself, many times can be frustrating and overwhelming. You want people to know you before labelling you as a freak .. You want people to understand your feelings before they can even understand their you do. You want to live in a world where people are conscious about their own energy , aware of the intention behind their thoughts. and aware of what they can actually create around them.

In a word.. ..You want everything to be perfect so that you can enjoy your own path without taking anyone's shit along the way. 

So what's like to be an empath? 

First of all, no one said to me that I'm one of them.  I had to discover for myself, had to read a lot, watch documentaries/movies and connect the dots. Yet, I still believe there are so many things that I need to learn/ experience in order to protect myself from the negative/draining people.. Thank God for the internet and all the resources that exists & are shared out there.! Now it doesn't feel lonely anymore. :). Seeing what others are going through, makes me more grateful for my own path.

Comparing myself to others I had the chance to live in a protected environment, had the opportunity to be among people that were ahead of me on their spiritual journey and learn from them. I had access to a lot of info that resonated with me and of course I had this driven curiosity to find more about life and become free ....

No one said to me that this ride/ journey was going to be easy. Perhaps, that's why I've  even signed this life contract in the first place ..To have this experience and share it..  I'm more than sure that my Higher Self knew exactly what I'm getting into and said :"Yes, that's exactly what you need to experience next!!" Not a fair game to play, right?!!..Especially, when you don't remember a thing!! ..hahah. ..

Being an empath means you experience your/others emotions on a higher rate than usual., You have this innate ability to feel and perceive everything around you . Many times you feel drained, sad, angry, depressed, heavy  depending on the energy you absorb from others and from the environment, as well..... 


 There were many times in my journey, while travelling, that I wanted to go to people and tell them what's wrong with them....But I've stopped before making myself look like a total idiot....

I've realised that people aren't ready yet for truth, for real communication and especially for inner work.  Why?! ..because we weren't taught in the first place to think and mostly feel that we are in control with our emotions.. 

In fact, our emotions are so important in creating  our own reality,  that this truth was hidden from us for a long time.. 

If you don't learn how to be in control with your emotions, then your life will be unconsciously pulled in different directions, depending on other's desires, thoughts and moods...You'll end up living a life that is not yours. 

As I said, living between worlds is much more than being highly sensitive and it's not just limited to emotions. 

 For years I've tried different techniques that helped me on my spiritual journey (I've even written a post about my inner work, ( ) but the most important one , that helped me a lot in the healing process was going dry for 3 whole days last year. No solid foods and liquids were included. 

The experience was so intense that helped me gain a new body with new settings...haha...and of course erase lots of the programmes/past experiences that were blocking me from gaining more clarity, more inner strength and of course from following my dreams.

It is truly mind blowing to actually  feel the strong connection that exists between the body and the emotions, 

 I highly recommend you have this experience. and see for yourself the benefits, if you want to become free from the emotional garbage.

Tthere is HOPE and there's LIGHT at the end of the tunnel!

The idea is not to stop from wanting to evolve and become a better human being. 

Remember this: You're doing this for yourself!! ..then for the rest of us.. A HEALED version of you not only will bring  you inner peace, but will also bring you more strength and A NEW VERSION OF YOURSELF.. More opportunities will open up for you. without even taking anyone's energy, because your inner light will be your own cocoon,

Just have faith and be open to new experiences.

'Till then have the curiosity to learn how to free yourself from other's energy and become your own light!!

Lots of love to you, my special reader :)!

PS: Don't be afraid of making mistakes in this journey's part of the integration mode as light beings :)!

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    anamariatheis (Monday, 25 July 2016 20:15)

    lovely post!!! Happy to see that you are back, with more insights from your own journey. Indeed, working with one's self is the most important work. Which is the most overlooked, and leave most people of an intelectual level of understanding all these wonderful things. But there is hope. As you share your path, I mine, others theirs, more light is being anchored. So keep shining your light, and keep going forward. ;) Lots of love!!!

  • #2

    Raluca JOY (Tuesday, 26 July 2016 15:26)

    Thank you, Ana for your kind words and support:)! True, there's hope..,,if we actually do the inner work. I strongly believe that there's a solution to everything. Lots of love to you too <3!!

  • #3

    Martin (Wednesday, 27 July 2016 00:04)

    Inspirational Raluca.!
    May we all find the balance within us and with the people around us and live in a balance world where we all be positive in heart and mind !

  • #4

    Raluca Joy (Wednesday, 27 July 2016 02:52)

    Thank you, Martin for support :)!! Yes, let's all enjoy these great times ahead of us! Big hug!!

  • #5

    Major Duhart (Sunday, 22 January 2017 06:24)

    I could not refrain from commenting. Exceptionally well written!

  • #6

    Raluca Joy (Sunday, 22 January 2017 17:54)

    Thank you very much Major Duhart for your loving words/feedback. :) Big hug!