Do you believe you're enough ?

How do you "define" your "enough"?

Is  enough  really enough?!

Does everything happen for a reason ?


 I believe many of us have been down that rabbit hole in the past, when feeling worthy of love, respect and abundance seemed pointless and cruel.     What a bad joke, right?!       


                        But ... why feeling this way?!

....because we let our mind fooled and tricked us into something we weren't in the first place.

You may say: "Yeah, but...my story is different than yours and my family background is way darker than what you've experienced so far. So I have the right to feel this way! Life is a bitch, karma just happened and everything it's a mess....I'm a MESS!!  I'll never be happy and loved again!! Get over it!"

Yeah, yeah, I know...I've been there, done and say that and many more, trust me :).

 It's true that we all come from different backgrounds and have different life stories to tell and share with others .

You're not the only having had hard times, being cheated, beaten, have been called many names before and made fun for being different than the others.

We all have experienced these.. more or less.

The point is that we can always change the circumstances by choosing different thoughts and thus changing the scenarios for our own unique story/stories.

"Circumstances DON'T MATTER, only STATE OF BEING matters." (Bashar)


We're in control of our emotions and not the way around. 

When we stop labelling everything for good or bad/ black or white/right or wrong....then we'll understand that there's more into that space that exists between the two, than we like to believe.

Everything is designed in perfect order. There's a solution for everything.

But we must be open to it.    

We must LET GO!!

You and I have an amazing inner guidance (I like to call mine " internal GPS"), that most of the time we ignore it.

And  we look for approval outside  and not inside us.


Because we're afraid to think that we're bigger than ALL of this.

We're afraid to face ourselves in the "mirror" and see beyond our old programming , beliefs and past experiences.

We're afraid that if we stop being/acting "that way" people won't love us anymore. 

Your parents, society's beliefs and old programming were passed on down your generation.

You are  your parents more or less. You are the environment you grew up in..more or less...you're everything you have experienced/believed so far ..more or less


                          But what if ..there's more to your story?!


What if your life story has a bigger meaning than what your mind and the others made you believe otherwise?! 


                       What if YOUR WAY  isn't  THEIR WAY?!


What if your life can change into a better and amazing journey filled with expansion in all ways, even though you've been through a lot of shit so far?!


What if their love isn't enough to be ,do and have?!


What if ?????


Once you realize that you're already good enough, loved and supported all the way by Universe/God, no matter what,..only then you'll find inner peace to BE THE REAL YOU AND CREATE FROM A SPACE OF UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.


                        "Your wish is MY command!" , remember ?!

The shape and the form doesn't concern you...cause Universe/God takes care of it...all of it.


All you have to do is LIGHTEN UP, do your INNER WORK , ask for guidance and look for synchronicities :).


Once YOU do this.. new ways of thinking and being are presented to YOU. Embrace them with an open heart :)!


We're bigger than our minds literally and figuratively speaking...so get over it :)!


And as much as we "hate" CHANGE and leaving our comfort zone, sooner or later we're being pushed towards it.

Why?! ..because we're here to grow, expand and create the dream within the dream.


                             " There's nothing permanent except CHANGE." (Heraclitus)


                                                                   TIME is NOW!


 PS: This great talk with Marisa Peer inspired me to take action and write down my own thoughts . She reminded me that I'm on the right path.


                                                              I AM ENOUGH AND SO ARE YOU!





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    anamariatheis (Friday, 24 June 2016 12:21)

    Reading this now( by the way, sorry for the late reply. Wasn't aware of it until now) going through yet another large portion of inner as well physical transformation/upgrade...it reinforces the point where I am in my life right now. An embodied state. Which grows stronger and stronger everyday...in spite of everything. So thank you for this wonderful reminder!!! keep spreading your light!!!! hugs&kisses ;)

  • #2

    Raluca JOY (Tuesday, 26 July 2016 15:35)

    No worries, I thank you for your support and lovely words :)! This post will always be a great reminder for all of us :). I'm more than sure that life will surprise us with even more great experiences and physical transformation..so yeah . Here's to great times ahead of us!! Lots of love and hugs to you!!