To BE or Not to BE on FACEBOOK ?!

I've joined Facebook twice and each time I had a complete different experience . 

First time was in 2008. Back then it was a platform based on invitation from a close friend. I used it for a short period of time. Why?! Because it seemed pointless to upload photos with myself and allow others to see what I was up to in my life plus not all the people I've known so far were using Facebook.

Years went by and technology evolved and the use of it changed as well. In  2011 things appeared more attractive on this platform even for young Entrepreneurs like myself. This is how I got into the Matrix  and got the virus :)..again. 

The purpose of the account changed throughout the years. If in the beginning it's main role was to be in contact with friends that lived abroad, then it's purpose became one of sharing with others great info on different topics.  The idea was to spread the things I already knew that helped me on my path and also share new things I would have discovered every day.


In the beginning I was a little bit scared not knowing what I got myself into ...again..but after 2 years things changed. I got involved into different projects thus meeting and connecting with different people that apparently had same interests as I did.

It's not a bad thing to keep yourself busy with work, social media, going out with friends,personal development, etc, but when there's no space left for stillness in your life... then it hits you.

Well, it hit me: BIG TIME THIS TIME :)...I realized I was so busy spreading info and helping others grow in all possible ways, that I didn't have any energy left  for ME,MYSELF & I to do the things in life that I've always wanted.

Facebook was already a big part of my daily routine, in the morning/afternoon and right before I went to sleep. I was overwhelmed by all the info/energy I absorbed every day from other's posts/pictures, etc.

Don't get me wrong I'm not sorry for helping others and I'm not sorry for having Facebook's just that I didn't know when things got out of hand. I can say I totally lost control in when and how to use Facebook.

Sharing is caring, right?! ...this is what I thought and still do..but keeping  BALANCE is the KEY in everything

At the end of 2014 I decided it's time for CHANGE so I deleted my account, after 3 years.

I don't regret the decision taken, not even for a minute. 

After 7 months of not being on Facebook anymore, I still can connect with people from around the world in so many different other ways, have more time for the things I like & do and procrastinate less :). Hooray :D!!!

See.. there's life after Facebook and I'm still alive and kicking more than ever :))!!!


Facebook isn't the only platform that connects people from all around the world and "gives" you the opportunity to promote your services/products thus attracting more clients to grow your business and make profit..

It's true that worldwide millions of people are using this platform but that doesn't mean all of them will buy your stuff and you'll become a millionaire overnight.

If you understand how thoughts/energies work and if you believe in the Law of Attraction then you'll become more aware of the things/people you attract around you and connect the dots in a much easier way.


Here are  both positive and negative aspects I've experienced throughout my time spent on Facebook:

  • The speed you share info is incredible no matter what the topic or field of interest;
  • The fact that you can create events in such a short time and share it with others that are interested in your message, that's smart and huge. It doesn't mean that all the people that clicked "Attend" button will eventually show up at your event, as well it doesn't mean that if no one clicked one will show up . Either way be prepared for the unexpected. At least you made yourself heard :) ...and who knows maybe next'll have the pleasant surprise to be surprised :) Tadaaa :) !!!;
  • Having more new "friends" on social media it's an aspect you might want to reconsider. Not all the people that are on your Friend's list will become your true friends in real life. From my own experience I've learned that right people come at the right time. So don't worry about not having as many friends as others. Being selective in making new "friends" isn't always a bad thing.I used to have almost 200 friends  on social media and even more if  I would have allowed all "friends" requests. But I didn't. I wasn't interested in gaining as many followers as possible.  90% of them I already met and knew from real life and helped me in a way or another. What was and still is important for me is to have quality conversations with quality people. So If you decide it's time you become an Outsider and live life like I do, you'll have plenty of time to meet new people in real life.  All you have to do is to be open, trust your own intuition and smile. Always works :)! 
  •  Comparing yourself with others on all aspects of life..definitely changes your mood and get you into bad vibes. I admit there were times when I fell into the trap of comparison ..but consciously removed myself  from it. "Comparison is the thief of joy" (Theodore Roosevelt)...indeed.   Even though it may seem we are all separate from one another, we are all GOD. We are here to express ourselves differently and authentically. DIVERSITY makes this world a creative place to be and live. So stand out from the crowd and BE YOURSELF :)!  "Don't change so people will like you. BE YOURSELF  & the right people will love the REAL YOU" (Unknown).
  • Letting yourself bombarded every day with negative news affects both body and mind. Being selective in what you expose yourself at clears out the way for your entire day and also improves your state of mind.The more you focus on the positive the bigger it gets....for sure :). So unfollow those pages/persons that spread only negative news. "The happiness of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts" (Marcus Aurelius ). 
  •  What seems to holding us together on this network ,in reality many things are keeping us apart. We've totally forgot how to really connect with one another and become real friends in real life. If stalking in real life is considered creepy, on social media it's totally socially acceptable. If in real life you want to share something funny with someone you just met perhaps on the street/bus/train/airplane etc,  the other person may considered you a weirdo,but on Facebook sharing it with others you just met and "made friends with"  may totally seem normal. I mean, wtf?! get my point. Don't get me wrong I totally agree with having your own space/privacy and by letting others in is something you should always be careful about ..but by becoming hyper suspicious about someone doesn't always protects you from bad things. Not all  friends on social media may appear what they seem.  And this leads to another conclusion I've come across. Since I left Facebook,  if some of my friends seemed happy there, in reality their lives were more complicated and far from being any happy. I've done a lot of stupid things and mistakes in my life too that I'm not really proud of but by experiencing those things I've become who I'm today. I'm not saying that my life is perfect now and nor do I pretend to but I'm grateful for everything and I'm doing my best every day to be my true self. "WALK THE TALK" has become my mantra in the last couple of years.  And no matter what others may say or think about you , you always have to believe in your own dreams. You create your own Reality, keep that in mind wherever you are :).
  • Giving Facebook total freedom to access your info on your phone/computer and not only.. means you've totally lost yours.It's not like we aren't already controlled by what is around /inside us..but in terms of privacy this violates all rights as  human beings to act/speak and think whenever we want.  Nowadays everything you may post/say/show may be used against you. Lots of companies may look for your Facebook profile and decide based on what pictures/status/info you've shared whether you are or not suitable for the job you've applied for. How is my personal life relevant to the company I choose to work for as long as I do my job extremely well and act accordingly?! 
  • After deleting my account only a few of my friends called me to see what I was doing...the history :). I'm not sad about it because I understood perfectly how things work in life.If you change, things/people around you change as well. Being on this path of growing on many levels I've attracted people that had more or less in common with myself ...either way everyone had it's own role. It's all part of the big picture we call LIFE :)..and I'm grateful for all.    .Thank you, guys for everything :)!!!
  • Had late night great conversations  about everything with awesome people. for that : Thank you,Facebook and You..for being my buddy on Facebook and in real life :)!!
  • Many other great stuff happened on Facebook because of the energy people put in there . It's amazing to see them uniting for different causes like :Forests/Trees being cut down for profit, Rosia Montana, water/air pollution,fracking, name it.I love when people are waking up and are beginning to realise they are the only ones responsible for the inner and the outer world as well...and many more will join them in this process of awakening :). 

Long story short, Facebook is definitely a virtual adventure with good and bad but if you're one of those adventurer seekers who  likes to keep balance in everything ... then it's perfect for you.

Am I really over with Facebook?!...for the time being :YES :)...but who knows what future holds for me :). 


          In the meantime I can only say to you the followings  :)  :

                             "Don't be so hard on yourself, no

Learn to forgive, learn to let go

Everyone trips, everyone falls

So don't be so hard on yourself, no" (Jess Glynne)



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  • #1

    anamariatheis (Monday, 27 July 2015 16:47)

    Good for you if you managed to find Balance again! In the end Facebook is a tool as many others...we can't blame the tool. It's us, that decide what to do with it. As for invading privacy(own Computer)...yep not cool. Anyhow, things will Change in the future I'm sure of it.:)

  • #2

    Raluca (Monday, 27 July 2015 17:00)

    Thank you, I'm doing my best in keeping Balance :)....and yes it depends on us how we use the tool .. against or for us. I'm more than sure things will change for this platform and for the people that are using it. So here's to CHANGE!!!