Thank you, I love myself and lots of goodies for the soul

I LOVE PERSONAL GROWTH,  in fact I LOVE all related to spirituality, health, wealth, inner happiness and all that jazz :).

If I didn't have this hunger to grow and motivate myself to succeed in life on all levels probably I wouldn't have made it so far by now. 

Up until now my journey has been with ups and downs like a roller coaster of emotions and experiences.

Looking back and see myself through different stages of life I can only say this: "THANK YOU, UNIVERSE/GOD/SOURCE for ALL!!"

It wasn't an easy ride but comparing it with others that have experienced worse in life I can only be grateful and appreciate everything I've learned so far. 

I know that each of us have our own unique journey but you'll find similarities in all, whether that is related to financial security, relationships / love,religion, God,etc.

We all have fears, beliefs about certain things and experienced emotional pain at some point in life. So even though we may seem different we are all interconnected, we are all ONE.

I've always had this inner curiosity and strong belief that we are more than what we see and what we are told to believe. We are more than our physical bodies and we have this enormous capacity to create the "impossible".

So being on this self-growth journey for years now I have come to understand that 99,9% is inner work, whether we like it or not. Like Gandhi said: "YOU ARE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE IN THE WORLD".

So by taking responsibility for what we create/envision, think and do we  actually create Heaven on Earth. 

Our life is a work in progress so each day is a new beginning.There's no end to it, only reinventing ourselves each time by making the best out of it.

My curiosity and determination to live a happy/ healthy/abundant/loving life led me to new experiences . This is how I've stumbled upon different techniques/tools that helped me heal  from past's traumas/pain, beliefs etc I believe that without sharing and caring for others our lives would be meaningless.

So I'll share some of the techniques that are still helping me on this journey. 

If you find something that resonates with you and your path , try it. 

I always encourage people to listen to their own intuition. All the answers you need are already inside of you. You only have to ask the "right" questions and allow Universe to deliver them for you.

The way you feel is always and indication to whether you're on the right track or not. So have some fun with your life and never know what great things are waiting for you "out there" :).


So first and foremost I must give INFINITE THANKS to my FAMILY , especially my SISTER . SHE has been there for me throughout this journey from the beginning and put up with everything I've done to her.  , I'll always be grateful for the things she has taught & showed me. Without her support & knowledge I wouldn't be where I am today.. She is my role model. She loves me unconditionally. & she already proved  to me.  that I am a "lucky bastard" :) .

We all learn from everyone and everything and having someone on this journey to talk with about everything and be yourself that's what I called real friendship. That deep connection is what empower us.

I know how it's like to live in UNITY, LOVE and DANCE for JOY.


  DANCING has been part of my journey since I was a kid. That's one of the many good things I've inherited from my parents. It helped me get out of depression and not only. Dancing has been for me a way of self-discovery, a way of exploring life ,spirituality and a way of releasing traumas and negative thoughts. It's all about the rhythm and how you get in tune with it. Thank God for the great music we can all hear and dance upon. Amen to that :)!!!


If you're a creative person as I'm and you like painting, that's a great tool to use your imagination.You don't have to be a professional painter in order to paint,trust me.And don't worry about not having a specific technique :).  

PAINTING is all about letting all go and go with the flow. In fact, painting is a great way of releasing old mind programming by expressing yourself authentically.Painting is a way of staying present ,of exploring deepest fears and the unknown. Painting is a way of being, feeling and seeing beyond this physical plane. 


Another great way of healing myself was by using BRAIN SYNC. I've discovered it for the first time in 2007 and since then has been one of my best companion on this journey. For more info regarding Brain Sync go to this page


FOOD is also a way of living. In fact it's already scientifically proven that sticking to a healthy diet your body experiences tremendous changes and  can heal from different diseases. Eating healthy not only improves the way you look, it also improves the way you feel.  You become lighter,brighter and younger :).Don't forget age is just a number, what counts is the number you tell yourself on and on. 

As you know I became a vegetarian at the age of 12 and after almost 18 years my body naturally switched to VEGANISM. I can only confirm that it's a big step leaving behind diary products and eating mostly raw vegetables and fruits.  The feeling you get is incomparable, well at least for me is.

I recommend you try eating healthier and see the results afterwords. Taking care of your body and loving yourself first is a MUST.


Combining a healthy diet with workout/sport, is also something I recommend.I admit I wasn't the sport type of girl  but since I've discovered PILATES 9 years ago and actually doing it on my own I kind of fell in love with it. 

Over the years I've combined dancing with Pilates, and last year I've tried YOGA as well. Now I combine all of them. It's all about how you feel afterwards and if you're into another type of workout/sport then go for whatever makes you happy. In the end it's all about feeling good. 


2014 was the year I was "forced" to change even more so my sister recommended using EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) or Tapping.

This is how I've discovered Nick Ortner ,Brad Yates ,David Childerley and many more.  EFT is a powerful healing technique ,a combination between Acupuncture(without using the needles) & Mind-Body Medicine for improving life on many levels: mental,emotional,physical.

 I can say it works 100%. EFT helped me get rid of some of the unresolved  issues from the past, helped me manifest money and so much more.

You got to stick with it until you release the beliefs/traumas that blocks you from fulfilling your dreams. 

As I said in the beginning the inner work is an everyday job so you have to be prepared for the unexpected :). 


Another powerful "tool" that I use that energizes your body and releases some of the tension accumulated throughout the day or even in a lifetime is the ENERGY WORK or QI GONG.

I've heard of QI gong years ago but it seemed that only a month ago it clicked with me. Seeing one of Lee's Holden videos, Qi gong seemed easy, fun and relaxing. And since then I'm doing it almost every day in the morning and evening as a ritual to begin and end my day.

The results are amazing and the way you feel is unbelievable. Try it , you won't regret it :).


And on top of everything I'm using GRATITUDE each day to raise my vibrational frequency and I say "I LOVE MYSELF" as much as I can :). 

Guess what?!..MIRACLES DO HAPPEN. 

Just  intend it and work on yourself every day to clear the way and embrace who you're. Just think for a moment how it's like to live in a happy, loving and abundant Universe ,cool isn't it :) ?!


         Until next time Expect Great things every day!!!


May your journey be brighter, lighter, funnier, happier and filled with unconditional love!


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    anamariatheis (Saturday, 16 May 2015 00:42)

    well...2015 is even more pushy sort of speak. So we(those of us on this path of self mastery) are pushed, twisted, squeezed to fine tune ourselves so intense, that sometimes this path seems very steep and narrow. But every time we reach another threshold, we see new "Colors". And that gives us a certainty, that we are on the right path...even if from the outside(for the sleepers) might seem...strange. Anyways it's really a time of patience and perseverence...and the rewards are beyond anyone's expectation.

  • #2

    Raluca (Saturday, 16 May 2015 18:23)

    I totally agree with you on that :). Let the ride begin... well,it already did :)..We are open for even more greater things in life !!