Radu Darie Classical Boxing

I've known Radu since 2011.

We've met in Zodiar in Galati. 

I was looking for someone to help me with a video projector and there he was.He offered his help on the spot. I believe he liked my attitude,  otherwise I wouldn't have received his help that easy :)).

Now he calls me The Nazi Girl :D..

He knows I don't like fooling around and waste precious time on things and people that don't deserve my energy. 

Going back to how we met and connecting the dots I now realize that everything made perfect sense. 

And I'll tell you why and how this Universe works.

I had just recorded a surprise video for a friend of mine who's hip hop album was launching the next day. 

Well, the video had everything to do with boxing, even though I didn't know back then that Radu was a known boxer. 

Sorry for my ignorance Radu ,but hey not everyone is into boxing. 

I have to admit that I've always considered it a bloody sport and I preferred the peaceful way of handling things in life.

Violence isn't my thing. 

Every sport helps you become more disciplined, organized and combined with a healthy diet can create miracles. 

I mean the perfect recipe for a happy life is keeping the balance between body,mind and spirit. 

This is what I've also experienced throughout my journey as well. 

I don't know Radu that much, but, my intuition says that he has been through a lot in life. Life has changed him in many ways and I know for sure that he has a big heart even though sometimes he looses himself in stupid situations. 

When you go deeper into discovering who you are as a human being/spirit often times the journey can become scary. 

But what's scarier is the thought behind it and that's holding us back.

Not everyone has the courage to disconnect from everything and just be aware of ALL that is. 

I know Radu can achieve even more greater things in life and sometimes he just need a kick in the ass to remind himself that we're all limitless human beings and what mind can conceive man can achieve. 


         So here's to you Radu and your infinite potential!

May your journey becomes even brighter and lighter than before!


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    anamariatheis (Sunday, 10 May 2015 19:46)

    Nice Portrait of a friend! I hope Radu will see this and read it...haha. May all our journeys be light and bright!

  • #2

    Raluca (Sunday, 10 May 2015 20:01)

    I made sure he read this :)). Indeed may all our journeys be light, bright and filled with unconditional love :)! Aimin to that !

  • #3

    anamariatheis (Monday, 11 May 2015 00:05)