Everything starts with LOVE.


 LOVE, what can be more authentic than this?! The journey of the soul expressing itself through melodic lines, but also the transparency through which you can evaluate your senses.

The energy you get from experiences, people, feelings is so strong.

 Even though everything is so colorful and different,  we like labeling things.

Defining LOVE, why would we do this ?! it's so complex, like a roller coaster of emotions.

We are the creators of LOVE, because our true essence is LOVE itself and also being & accepting ourselves through all fears.

 The authenticity of  LOVE is  different as long as we allow it to be & express it.

 It's fantastic to see that kids from an early age like to explore/sense everything. They live only in the PRESENT moment. For them there's no LABELING, it's all about allowing the game to build itself.

There is a strong connection between LOVE& LIFE and that is living with authenticity, joy  and sharing it with others.

Nature, energy, connection, people, animals, trees, freedom, unity, harmony, evolution, respect, help, giving,happiness, sadness, tears, etc...are all parts of LOVE.

Living in the present moment and melt all the feelings is part of the authentic process of experiencing LOVE.


The infinite of LOVE is HERE and NOW , the eternal source of being.


To BE or not to BE?! To LIVE or not to LIVE?!..yet you exist without even realizing it .


Go with the flow - that is the natural process of loving, the natural way of being and expressing the SELF.


To LOVE or not to LOVE?! To LAUGH or not to LAUGH?!


To be HAPPY or not?!


Still I feel complete & incomplete in LOVE...



PS: below you have the original clip that I've done... after writing spontaneously about LOVE( it's in Romanian)


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