2015- Here's to New Beginnings!

So many times I've waited for that moment to happen, or to create that space where I can see and share my thoughts clearly.

But hey, things start to happen when I don't wait anymore and I begin with what I have NOW, cause there is only NOW.

When I stop being afraid  doing mistakes or I let it go and take charge for what I create, then miracles start to happen :).

I grew up with magic and fairy tales and I've learned and experienced over the years that what I wish for sooner or later becomes my REALITY.

What I really have to do is to  strongly believe in my own intuition and don't let anyone destroy my dreams.

Only a weak person will tell me that MAGIC is  for children and the REALITY of grown ups is a constant fight for survival.

At some point I start believing in it only because my external reality was not as I expected or wished for.  But my intuition showed me a "different" path. The one where I could see and understand that other's fear can become my reality only if I would allow it.

I admit I'm a stubborn person :) , but that is because I've  always felt that MY LIFE is different than the others around me, even  if that meant losing some "friends" on the way.

Life is meant to be the way you feel it and not the way society/family/friends tell you so.


This is how "This is it" video started in January, 2015. I've decided that day that even though I haven't prepared myself with a speech or my video editor wasn't working I  would just do it and see what happens then.

Well, as you can see is not bad for a first time :) in front of the camera speaking in English  :))...I know it could have been worse :)).

One of my friend saw the video and told me that :"Hey this isn't bad at all..I like watching you :)..but what you have to do next time is to bring more content :)".

Since then ..I've decided to open up and write down my thoughts . It's a process that I've always been afraid to dig deeper.

Here I'm standing in front of my computer letting my thoughts flow and just be MYSELF.

It's good to be MY SELF  and accept the process .


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    anamariatheis (Friday, 24 June 2016 12:57)

    Hahaha...awesome!!! Funny how reading this now once again...reinforces my own experience. You know what I'm talking about. ;) Great reminder!!! and keep make your own magic!!! or like Justin's song says: "can't stop the feeling so just dance dance dance..." hugs&kisses!!!;)