What will you choose NEXT?

Whether you like it or not what you see on the outside is JUST a MIRROR of what is happening inside OF YOU.


We are now on the verge of finally deciding which path we want to follow NEXT:  either  UNION or DIVISION.

Up until now, almost everything in our society was built  around the idea "Divide and conquer"  and FEAR has been the main ingredient added in every formula.

This was the way we used to approach problems, attempt to understand them and even solve them.

The strategies based on this  was one of dismemberment to keep us apart from what really matters to us.

Yet, the alternative approach based on UNION, sees  everything AS a manifestation of what is within. Therefore inner work  is needed to heal the illusion of separateness.  


                                                                      SO, what will you choose NEXT ?!  


                                                                   Till then, EXPECT GREAT THINGS TO HAPPEN :) !!!

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