In my last 7 years of trying to figure out what to do next with my LIFE.. I was reminded constantly that simple things in life matters.

SIMPLE is the ESSENCE of all things.

No matter how hard you try to complicate your life, you go back to where you came from... And, by that I mean loving, staying present in any situation and being grateful for everything.


A few years ago I told my mom that I wanted a watch for my birthday ..her question came right away and hit me strongly like an aha moment and then I understood.


Her question was simple but yet so powerful: "Do you think you'll be happy once I'll buy you this watch?!" and the truth popped out like it was there all along and just wanted to be HEARD.


And in that moment I knew...what is all about in this life..... my answer came naturally "NO"...


No...I didn't want a watch to be more happy or to enjoy her presence..I didn't need all those material things...all I wanted was to get through my breakup and set myself free once in for all.


I needed it to learn how to love again and not to judge myself for all the decisions I took up till then.


So yes, my EPIC JOURNEY continues with lots of great  things that I've learned & experienced...DREAMS,MEDITATION, PILATES/YOGA, BRAIN SYNC, KATHARA, EATING HEALTHIER (becoming a Vegan and eating mostly Raw), EFT (TAPPING)  ,...connecting with new people and especially connecting with MYSELF and lots of other goodies.


Oh, what an epic journey :)!! and still is...


I'm grateful for everything I have in my life, for my family who supported me all this time,  my sister that is my best friend and a role model in many ways, and of course,I'm grateful for all the friends I've got and all the people who were / are/ will be in my journey.


Waking up to REALITY has been like a roller coaster with ups and downs, with lots of feelings, fears to discover and to heal.


Once you are AWAKE... NOTHING can make you GO TO SLEEP AGAIN :).


                                               Here's to OUR EPIC JOURNEYS,  dear ones!!!



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