"Good things happen at the right time"

"Everything you need will come to you at  the perfect time" and of course be patient while everything falls into place.


 It's a lesson you learn while doing a lot of "mistakes". (.well, depends on how you see things in life as good or bad /white and black , etc.)



Since my vegan (eating mostly raw) journey began 3 years ago , I've experienced lots of blissful feelings...from sudden joy and happiness to culinary orgasm (well in romanian sounds better " orgasm culinar" :))  )....For the first time I  felt the real taste of all the veggies and fruits.


It's like now every piece from the puzzle fits perfectly and every action I took in the past was 100% worth it.


Well, long story short I stopped eating meat when I was almost 12 years old.


I didn't know back then that this is a decision I took for life. What I know is that my sister and aunt inspired me to do so. (You can watch my sister's vegan/raw journey here http://youtu.be/P7AKMis_i0E )


Because of that decision people used to make fun and associating me with different religions.


They're constant question was.."Where do you get your protein from?!!!" ..as if protein was the only thing you need in life to survive :)


and "What 's your religion?!!"..


I don't blame them asking those questions ..what really hit me was that once you try to get out from the norm you're being considered a WEIRDO for the majority.


It's like from the early age you're being programmed to think and act in certain ways in order to fit in the society.


Once you follow your path and break the rules you become an OUTSIDER.


When you think and act differently then  SHOW BEGINS :).


I have to admit that I didn't know how it's going to be.


Years came by and strengthened the decision I took when I was a little kid..I knew for sure that I was on the right path and  wanted to live as healthy as possible.


It became like a MANTRA for me and "AHA MOMENT"


I understood exactly that staying healthy has a strong connection with everything.


You don't have to take pills anymore , go to the doctor for treatment..all the things that I used to do in the past because of all the stupid vaccinations I got from an early age and made me sick and fragile all the time .


God, when I think of it...makes my stomach hurts..the taste of the pills I used to take so that I can feel better...yuck


Lucky for us is that my mother/aunt was always interested in the natural stuff so that helped a lot in this journey.


What's great is that once you listen to your body you'll know exactly what to do.


If you have problems with that you can try calm yourself by meditating or whatever puts you in a peaceful state of mind...and ask yourself questions all the time.


All you have to do is listen and be prepared to take action when is needed.


So far life has been generous to me in every possible way and I'm grateful for everything.


My advice for you is to Listen to your body/intuition, do your own research on finding the truth and walk the talk no matter what.


The truth is that even though we are on different paths ,in the end  LOVE  connects us all so that we can see similarities in everything.


"Learn how to see. Realize that everything connects to everything else" - Leonardo Da Vinci


Till then Expect great things to happen :) !!!!

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