Epic Journey is like a journal where thoughts come out, experiences are shared and lessons are learned. It's a mixture of everything :).

Epic is the Word that reminds us to look at things differently and thus changing our perspective. Going HOME is the final Destination.


It's a simple one :

"Ordinary people DO Extraordinary things". Following the intuition is the key to EVERYTHING.

 Knowing and working with yourself makes the world a better place. We're all responsible for the energy we  bring into this Reality. In fact, we are THE CHANGE we wish to see in the world.


 Life is one story after another., whether it's ours or a shared one.. In fact, what will our lives be like without the story?! Nothing!.. Yet, imagination keeps us alive. in this distorted reality. Going back to Source and understand the basics of life, that's where the journey really begins. Cheers to all of you for being brave enough to follow the path, no matter what.! Here's to amazing times ahead of us :) !!